SEO Audit

SEO Audit is also known as SEO or SEO Analytics Reviews. As the review process, the overall assessment and plan development long term SEO strategy for a website. This is a necessary process to an SEO specialist to all SEO projects methodically. Basically, to understand SEO Audit is a web promotion plan table.

What is SEO Audit? SEO Audit is what you need to determine what priorities for SEO, and provide their own resources on track to increase the volume and quality of traffic from natural search. As your website ranking on search engines.

SEO Audit Process comprehensive review on a 360o perspective on the website, pointing out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks that you may encounter while SEO.

This is one of the SEO consulting model and appropriate common with world trends, help website has many potential clients that we do not expect them to because actual Internet users to search by a variety of types and different keywords.

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